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Mary Shaw

Mary Shaw was born in Bristol in 1955 and was educated at La Retraite School for Girls, where she exhibited an intense love of painting and drawing from an early age. She was being commissioned to paint landscape and floral paintings when she was still only thirteen years old. She continued to develop her skills and has exhibited successfully throughout the United Kingdom. Mary is married with two daughters and has lived for a time in Zimbabwe and Cape Town, where her work is well known and admired. During her time in Africa, Mary developed a love of wildlife and since her return to England has found the abundance and variety of wildlife in Europe to be a fascinating and challenging subject, particularly as many of the subjects are endangered species. Mary’s paintings are acclaimed for her attention to detail and accuracy. She has exhibited extensively throughout the UK since her return; her works met with great affection and collected by art lovers across the world- most notably the King of Qatar who was gifted a piece by his son Prince Abdullah Al Thani.

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