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Mark Duffin

Mark Duffin was born in 1960 and grew up in Tilehurst near Reading in Berkshire. At the time all around him was countryside and it was a quick walk to the River Thames where he spent most of his time as a child with his two brothers in this most English of landscapes. He always loved to draw as a child, even going as far a drawing on the household walls. After leaving school he was accepted into Berkshire College of Art & Design where he spent four years studying graphic design and illustration. Upon graduating he then embarked on a career as a freelance illustrator working for design consultancies, advertising agencies and publishing companies in the UK and overseas. At that early period, he worked with traditional media, mainly airbrush and acrylic due to the tight deadlines. But in 1996 with the onset of computers he changed to the digital media for his commercial work while still painting for private work in oils. His works today convey a sense of calmness and quiet with his subtle use of colour and keen eye for detail, aiming to create the feeling of an old photo that vaguely recalls memories of a distant time and place, all inspired by the English landscape.

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