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Julie Clifford

Julie Clifford is a mixed media painter based in Devon. She creates dramatic landscapes, capturing the magic of nature in vibrant images containing dramatic skies, wild flowers and a sense of dreamlike magic. Colour plays a key role in her work, her paintings are full of burning clouds, moody storms and colour seemingly dripping off the canvas in layers of flowers. Paint is dribbled, splattered, and dropped onto the canvas. Sponges, rags, old sauce bottles, and her hands are just some of the ways paint is applied. It is spontaneous and gestural. Accidental splatters transform into flower buds and fields moving in the wind. Subtle hints of fine glitters are applied through the many layers that make up the final image, allowing the artwork to change as the light changes throughout the day. Julie graduated with a degree in Fine Art in 2012 after studying at Plymouth University. She is returning this year to study for a PGCE to become a Secondary School Art Teacher, and share her passions with the next generation of artists.

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