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Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson lives in Warwickshire and works from her Studio based at Fargo Coventry. Alison's work is driven by the desire to display atmosphere and emotion of a place. Through art she expresses feelings that are often inexpressible through words. Her interest in nature and non-materialistic beauty has been a constant source of passion since childhood, be it relationships between people, the struggles of life and the ever changing but constant landscape around. Fueled by a previous career in nursing, Alison aims to combine these emotions. Since studying art Alison has exhibited across the UK including Brighton, London, Chester, Wales, Yorkshire, and various Galleries in the Midlands. Her work has also reached an international scale with work hanging in Italy, America, France, and the Middle East. She has completed various commissions with clients such as the Prince of Saudi Arabia and The Waldorf Hotel London.

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