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Mora Pons

Fernando Aracil Pons, known in the art world as Mora Pons was born in 1950 in Alcoy, Spain. He studied at the Fine Art and Superior School of San Carlos in Valencia learning the old techniques of the Spanish masters of the Golden Age. When he finished his studies at San Carlos, he received training at the private studios of well-known Spanish painters such as Vincente Noya, Alex Alemany, and Juan Ferri. Being in the presence of such talent, Mora was inspired to learn as much as possible in the five years he was with them. Mora Pons has a special awareness towards nature that clearly resonates in his work. Upon viewing Mora’s landscapes, one cannot help but get caught up in the quiet and meditative portrayals of the land. His choice of panoramic format accentuates the landscape and invites the viewer to partake in the artist’s vision. Mora’s passion for both painting and nature elegantly intertwine with color and light to create a reality recreated on canvas. In the artist’s own words “My passion for both painting and nature are mixed within myself. This is the reason I paint landscapes. I find much inspiration in taking nature walks during my travels throughout the world. I’m not interested in current art trends, I just paint what I like.”

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