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Veronika Benoni

Veronika Benoni enjoyed painting as a child. Memories from her childhood connected with painting and conversations with her Grandfather remain the strongest influence on her life. She studied at the College of Arts in Leningrad and graduated from the college but continued her studies, attending classes in the USSR Academy of Arts. During one of her summer vacations she met Ulian Benoni. Their interests coincided and they spent some time as silver-smiths where pieces designed by Veronika and Ulian were bestsellers in Moscow and Leningrad jewellery stores. Later on they settled in Prague and Veronika painted and sold pictures strongly influenced by old Prague itself with its fascinating streets and architecture. In 1998 the Benoni’s established their school of graphics and painting. In 2001 they opened in Mala Strana in the centre of Prague. These days the Benoni school would refer to itself as a concept of new artistic techniques of rendering the poly-dimensional reality onto a flat picture surface. The elliptical perspective method is meant to create an illusion for the viewer of being drawn inside the composition centre. Alongside these activities, the school apprentices, directed by the Benoni masters, continue to develop the traditional trends of modern painting.

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